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Our water softeners are the longest lasting, most reliable available. That is why we include a Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty with every one we install. These softeners will give you pure, soft water GUARANTEED!

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Anybody who lives in Arizona knows WE HAVE HARD WATER! They also know there are a million companies out there who will sell you a product to soften it. This ranges from the guys selling the magic magnets, to the EZ water systems, to multi-thousand dollar, name brand water softeners. So, what works, and how much should it cost? First, the only way to SOFTEN water is to REMOVE the calcium and magnesium that make water hard. Magnets won’t do it! EZ Electronic systems won’t do it! As for cost, the price of a softener ranges depending on who you buy it from. Not because of huge differences in cost, but differences in MARK-UP. Many companies use high-pressure sales to new home owners who are looking to protect their investment. They convince them a more expensive softener is a better softener. However, they don’t tell people most softeners are made of only a few components, & manufactured by even fewer people. Meaning, most softeners are very similar to one another.

Please Note: Lifetime warranty requires that you have Just Plumbing perform yearly maintenance on your water softener. Consult your warranty document for more details.

Price Includes Installation:

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