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  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduction in Operation Cost
  • Salt-free
  • Chemical-Free
  • No wasted water
  • No electricity
  • Reduces soap & chemical consumption by 30 – 40%
  • Minerals are preserved
  • Eliminates exiting scale
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At Just Plumbing, we know there are endless amount of “Salt Free” water treatment claims on the internet. From systems with Magnets to EZ electronic “No Plumbing Required” systems. We investigated many of these systems and found the vendors of such systems could never provide proof that the system did anything to improve water quality or prevent calcium and magnesium from attaching to the plumbing system, faucets or appliances. For this reason we avoided selling these systems. However, the appeal of having a system that used no electricity, no salt, and produced no waste water was too great to stop looking all together. Finally we came across a water treatment study conducted by ASU. The study comapired different forms of “Salt Free” treatments and concluded that using Filtersorb media resulted in 99% scale prevention! To View the Study, Click Here.

Based on these results, Just Plumbing now offers a REAL Salt Free Water Conditioner, using Filtersorb Anti-Scale Media. It was  was especially developed and manufactured to protect against the formation of scale and even REMOVE ALREADY EXISTING SCALE from pipes and heaters! Something water softeners can not do.

Please Note: Lifetime warranty requires that you have Just Plumbing perform yearly maintenance on your system. Consult your warranty document for more details.



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