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No matter what your plumbing needs, the reliable experienced professionals at Just Plumbing can help. We serve Casa Grande, Maricopa, Eloy, Robson Ranch,  Florence, Sun Lakes,  Ahwatukee & Chandler. With years of experience, no job is too big or too small. We offer reliable repairs and installations of many plumbing products including water heaters, water softeners, salt free water treatment systems, reverse osmosis water filters, and eco friendly products to help you save energy and reduce your environmental footprint.

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Additionally, our prices are about 20-35% lower than our BIG BOX competitors. In addition to our better prices & better service, we are LOCAL! Just having a store in your area doesn't make a company local. On average, a national chain store spends less than 15% of its revenue in the local community. Compare that with about 45% from a local business like us. Meaning if we install your water heater for $775, about $350 of that stays right here, in PINAL COUNTY! When you have the same install done by a national chain, even though you spend almost $900, only about $135 stays in our community.  Why spend more to get less?

So having your plumbing project done by Just Plumbing not only saves you 20-35%, but also puts 3 times as much money back into our community!

At Just Plumbing we offer all the same services as any other plumbing company. With one large difference, we tell you the price up front. This gives our customers a sense of security knowing that the price won't change once the job is done.
Additionally, our prices are about 20%-35% LOWER than our
BIG BOX competitors. However lower prices don't mean lower quality service.
Our standards regarding warranties, insurance and background checks are equal to or better than the BIG BOX stores

Here is a list of our most common services and prices.

Installation Services:

Our Price


Water Heaters (50 gallon gas) $775 $880+
Water Softeners / Salt Free Systems (Pre-plumbed) $200 $269
Reverse Osmosis $75 $99
Garbage Disposer Installation $75 $99

Keep more money in your pocket & put more money back into the community!
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