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Lets face it. No one WANTS to call a plumber, it’s something they NEED to do. And when that need arises, you can count on the friendly experienced professionals at Just Plumbing to get it done right the first time. No project is too big or too small. So whatever your plumbing need or emergency, we’ll be glad to help.
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Fixing Your Plumbing and Helping The Planet

Just Plumbing is just as committed to helping protect the environment as we are to serving the families of Arizona. In fact we’ve put our money where our mouth is and run ALL of our vehicles on cleaner burning vegetable oil. That means that when we're cleaning up your plumbing problem, you know that we’re also helping to clean up the environment.
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Read Some Testimonials

Great Service Great Work We used Just Plumbing to re-pipe our home and they did an amazing job. We also once had a water heater go out and called them and they went right out and replaced it for us, no hassle, no worries. The prices are very reasonable and the service and workmanship is top notch. Thanks Again Guys!
Casa Grande, AZ

I had a leak under the cement slab of a rental house I own. Justin at Just Plumbing evaluated the problem, gave me options on ways to repair it, and quoted a fair price. They actually finished replumbing the entire house ahead of schedule which made the tenants and I very pleased! They also did a walk through with me afterward and explained everything that was done. I highly recommend this company!
Coolidge, AZ

As property management company we need our vendors to support us and our tenants as if we were there personally. From our Property Manager in Pinal Country regarding their experience with Just Plumbing: "It was good. Just handled everything via email. He got out there fairly quickly. Took care of the issue and let me know it was tenant caused. Which was good." Can't ask for much more than that. Will use again. Thanks JP!!
Buena Vista Realty
Phoenix, AZ

After I failed to fix a leaking water heater on my own, it was obvious I needed some professional assistance. I thought for sure I'd have trouble finding a plumber on such short notice, especially on a Saturday. After a quick look online, I decided to give Just Plumbing a call, when I noticed that they accept text messages. Sent a text and received a reply within minutes. Exchanged information about the heater and what the problem was at 10:00, and soon enough I had an appointment lined up. Justin arrived around 1:15, right on schedule. By 2:30 the new heater was installed and I had hot water available at the tap. He was able to run my credit card through the phone and email me a receipt immediately. Went ahead and scheduled to have some additional work done and get a water softener installed the following Thursday, again with an instant email reminder. Service, knowledge, courtesy, and timing are all top notch!
Casa Grande, AZ

Fast & Affordable!
Just Plumbing was great! After the freeze a few weeks ago my irrigation valve was leaking to the point that I had to stop watering my plants! In my search to find a local plumber to fix it I found that Just Plumbing was over $50 less than other plumbers in the area and saved me more than 30%! He was also the first one to answer without having to leave a voice mail for a call back. Thanks Just Plumbing for the saving, but most of all THE SERVICE!
Casa Grande, AZ

Hi Justin,

Thank's for the invoice you emailed me. I totally didn't expect to hear from you again since the job was already completed and paid for. Wow! I'm really impressed.
The job that your employee Rigo (I hope I got his name right) did for me was excellent. He was focused, quick and very professional. A heck of a nice guy too.
I appreciate your personal follow up and I can honestly say that you not only had the best price around, but you also wasted no time in getting the job done for me. Between your concerned follow up phone calls to me prior to the repair, and the repair itself, you truly treated my plumbing problem as importantly as if it were your own personal plumbing problem.
I guarantee you that you not only have my future business, but that of my family friends and neighbors as well. With such excellent customer service, honesty and a job well done, your best advertisement will certainly be the word of mouth of your loyal customers and not the yellow pages and the like.

Thank you again Justin for a job well done.

From one of your very happy and extremely satisfied customers,

Mike Rocco
Florence, AZ
Ret. Detective, NYPD

We bought a water softener & RO system from Just Plumbing a year ago. The price was by far the best around. However, we were more impressed by the service! They were prompt, courteous, and clean. They even called us to remind us when it was time to change the filters! We bought the filters, but decided to install them ourselves and were even more surprised when they offered to drop off the new filters at no additional charge! What service. We had a small leak after changing the filters and they walked us through how to fix the leak. Thank you so much! We would recommend Just Plumbing to EVERYONE!
Lee Ann
Casa Grande, AZ

I was given an RO System and was excited to receive it and get it installed. It was installed and I bought the filters to begin fresh at my house. That is when I discovered that the system didn't actually work, but I had no idea why. So I called Just Plumbing. They came out and determined that the system could not be fixed because all the parts were not serviceable. So I asked them about a new system and they told me the cost and how soon they could install it. I told them I would think about it, and called them several days later to have the new system installed. Justin told me when he could do the install and how much it would cost and how often the filters would need to be changed. He gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision and get the best possible system available. My water taste's like water, very clear and clean. I love it. I will use Just Plumbing again for my plumbing needs, they provided great service, in a timely fashion and knew what they were talking about.
Florence AZ

We have finally found our plumber! Just Plumbing came on time, didn't make us wait weeks and got the job done. Fast, polite and upbeat. Knowledgable and will take their time to answer your questions. They seem to like what they do!!
Mrs. Black
Casa Grande, AZ

These guys are great!
I had a washer valve that went bad, it was just horrible. I called him that same day, they got here in the afternoon, fixed it with in 30 minutes, it was great service, and even better that it was fixed that same day!! I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks a lot.
Maricopa, AZ

Excellent service and professionalism. We had various plumbing issues at a house we are renting out to tenants. We called Just Plumbing and they fixed everything in a timely and professional manner. Communication was excellent and the pricing was fair. Looking forward to doing business soon. Thanks guys!!!
Casa Grande, AZ

Emergency, Pricing, and Great Service!
I had an emergency on a saturday, leaking under my sink from my r.o system and then a broken water valve. I had extended family in town over that weekend and could not wait until Monday. I called Just Plumbing, and they were more than fairly priced for a weekend emergency. The customer service was outstanding, and I will definitely call again for future needs. The service was great and the price was unbeatable. Thanks, Kurt
Casa Grande, AZ

Great Service??! I was trying to find a plumbing service to help disconnection and reconnection when I got granite counter tops, but all the businesses wanted to charge just to come give me an estimate. I found Just Plumbing on yellow pages and when they called, they were able to give me an estimate right over the phone and prices were the best by far! I will definitley choose them every time. They came out right away and the service was fast and affordable. Thanks!!
Florence, AZ

Rigo at Just Plumbing installed a tub door which required some special fitting due to marble surround. He did a first class job, was extremely professional, very mannerly and explained every step of the job. Truly a pleasure to work with young people of this quality.
Robert B.
Casa Grande, AZ

Plumbing Demistified
Any time there is something wrong with your house you know you get a lurch in your stomach as you dread both the cost and time it takes to 1) find the right professional for the job, and 2) hope to god he/she isn't screwing you. If you've experienced that before then let me introduce you to Justin who owns the Just Plumbing business. This is plumbing for the new generation of homeowners who don't want to wade through union paperwork, wait on someone else's schedule, or otherwise be kept in the dark about what is going on in their home. A very professional man named Brandon came to our home. He let me chat his ear off while he was focused on his job. As soon as I met him, I just toured him around my house with basically a laundry list of wishes. A few hours later everything was done and then some. Brandon was considerate, pleasant, and very professional. I was allowed to inspect every step he made in my house, make any micro-decisions, if necessary, and even learn a thing or two about my home to save on future costs. This company is made for the new generation of homeowners. It's insta-service, reliable, flexible, yet somehow manages not to feel like you're calling some mega plumbing chain, but rather the skilled "guy down the street". I could not recommend them more and will be using them for all of my future plumbing issues so long as I live in the Ahwaktukee Foothills. Do yourself a favor, cut the hassle out of any plumbing job and just call Just Plumbing.
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Sir; On March 23 of 2009 you had a couple of young men at my next door neighbors mobile home to replace all the grey pipe, I walked over to chat them up as unfortunately I also have all grey pipe. I would like to say that I was very impressed with these young men, neat haircuts, clean shaven and nicely dressed but the most impressive thing was that they were intelligent, articulate, helpful, polite and respectful, yes; they absolutely restored my faith in today"s young people which up to then was less than stellar...
I apologize for getting wordy, I really do want an estimate and hopefully be able to get the repair done by people that I already know to be proper and good people from the job next door. I still hope to have the whole house done someday.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Respectfully: LJM
Mesa, AZ

I am writing to commend two of your contractors. The first being Mr. B from Cabinet Masters and Just Plumbing. Mr. B did an excellent job in repairing the damage done to the cabinet on each side of the dishwasher after the counters were installed. You can"t even tell there was a problem. The two young men from Just Plumbing did an excellent job also and made me feel confident that they knew exactly what they were doing. Mr. Frederick followed up to be sure I was satisfied with the installation of the faucet, which I appreciated. Both contractors were professional and represented you very well. Thanks again for your help.
Casa Grande, AZ

Dear Justin,
Enclosed please find a check for installing our new bathtub and shower faucets and all the "behind the scenes" necessary plumbing to accomplish it. Your workers were very efficient, worked steadily, showed their obvious skills, and even cleaned up so thoroughly that Mrs. S and I had no additional work to do! Great Job! We shall certainly brag to our neighbors about your company!!
My best wishes.
Palm Creek Golf & R.V. Resort
Casa Grande, AZ

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